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Health and breathing

Let us pull out few minutes to concentrate on, and talk about one of the most important activities, rather the most important activity-- 'Breathing!

How about we tell you that you have breathing wrong all your life? You wouldn't believe, right? Well, then you surely would miss out on the truth and root of breathing.

No matter how it sounds to you, but the reality is that you are NOT breathing properly. The constant brain activity and busy chores keep us glued to screens, books or the world outside windows, thereby putting the voluntary effort of breathing, on the back seat.

However, it is the pivotal, or we should say the sole reason to walk alive.

We bring to you certain practices and meditative sittings of proper breathing methods which will be a catalyst in the well-being of mind, body and soul.

Inadequate amount of oxygen to the brains or lungs, improper inhaling results in fatigue, stress, poor digestion and lethargy. Also, not to miss the shorter span of concentration and attention topped with cloudy mind are the dishes served by improper breathing.

One of the root cause of all problems-- poor Metabolism, depends a lot on the way you breathe.

So we are here to enlighten and help you know more about the correct breathing practices that shall not only improve your metabolism but will also be a rejuvenation of your mental cavity.

We want to spread BREATHING AWARENESS by offering a course, that will require minimal effort at your end and will give you maximum results.

The course concentrates on deeper, longer and intense meditative breathing sessions, which will be for a day.

Consequently, making you aware of what had been missing till now. We are happy to provide you with study material, presentations, and literary texts that will enable you to understand the depths of healthy breathing.

Age no bar, gender no bar, breathing is life, get aware, get healthier and strive for better to shine the brightest.

It's a bodily wonder, you just need to inhale the correct way! Happy healing!

Divine School of Ayurveda


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