“Healing with the Power of Sound is one of the oldest and most natural forms of Healing known to man”

Sound Healing

The basic structural and functional unit of life is CELL. The simplest way of Communicating with the cells is through Vibration. Divine Vibrations of Singing Bowls enables the patient to go into deeply altered state (The Alpha-Theta brain wave state) in which healing is stimulated. Sound Medicine is based on over 5000 years of Indian Medicine. According to ancient eastern teachings and as per modern Physics, the Universe and Mankind were created from sound. (Big Bang Theory Of Physics) Therefore when a sick man is nourished with a right kind of sound, The Billion cells in one’s body start to vibrate and reorganize themselves according to Divine blue print, in a state of healthy being.

“Sound washes away from the soul, The dust of everyday life”

Sound Healing plays a positive role and is highly effective in treatment of any medical disorder

Tibetan Singing Bowls are excellent, meditative, therapeutic and transformational healing tools. They guide seekers on their path towards spiritual enlightenment. They also play a positive role in the treatment of any medical disorder. Healing with Tibetan singing bowl is scientific and a proven modality and has been accepted with tremendous approval all over the world (External Vibrations cause a sympathetic resonance in the cells. When tapping a singing bowl placed on the body which consists of more than 70% of water, The sound transmitted causes the cells to resonate. The Sound waves spread as the concentric waves from a stone dropped in a pond, into larger and larger circles through blood, flesh, organs and even bones, relaxing them and at the same time, harmonizing and energizing them. The bowl’s vibrations are soothing enough to calm the nervous system and powerful enough to travel deep into the body to penetrate the bones. Vibrations can travel into places you could never touch with your hands, to effect a healing that would be very difficult to recreate otherwise.
Tibetan Bowl sound therapy stimulates the Brain to make changes that increase our ability in the following ways:-
  • Healing stress related disorders.
  • Detoxification down to the cellular and skeletal level.
  • Deeper, more profound sleep.
  • Synchronization of right and left hemisphere.
  • Increased learning ability.
  • Management of resolution of learning issues ADD, ADHD, and AUTISM.
  • Deepening Meditative States.
  • Restrains the body/mind to let go of stressed itself.
  • Balances Chakras.
  • Achievement of the “relaxation response” effortlessly.
  • Healing past emotional traumas and breakthrough of limiting behavior patterns.
  • Relief from headaches, fatigue, insomnia etc.
  • Digestive disorders, emotional imbalances, joint or muscle aches.
  • Liberates emotional traumas locked within the subconscious.
  • Activates self-healing mechanism within the body.
  • Promotes deeper sleep.
  • Acne Harmonizing.

* Sound Healing is a not a boon just for ill people, Healthy people also derive great benefits from it. They become calmer and report higher levels of energy, better sleep.