Other therapies

Other therapies


Pouring herbalized oil on the forehead for deep relaxation. During dhara, medicated oil or liquid is poured in a continuous stream on the forehead to alleviate FATIGUE AND LACK OF VITALITY. It also improves memory and removes anxiety, depression. “ This treatment is effective against Insomnia, Chronic Head-Aches, Neuropathy and Paraplegia”.


Continuous pouring of milk treated with different herbs like Turmeric, Ashwagandha on the forehead or all over the body, followed by gentle massage. It gives mantal relaxation, reduces excessive sweating and heat in the body. Also helps tone the skin and endorse it with a healthy glow.


Indian head massage with customized medicated oils. The therapy helps to stop hair-fall, dandruff, head ache and sleeplessness.


Face massage with different oils suited to your constitution followed by application of exotic facepacks prepared according to the need of the skin, clears the blemishes, removes dead skin and enhance glow on the face.


Keeping herbal oil on the head, improving the quality of hair, sleep, and eyes.


Heat treatment (fomentation) to open the body channels for the elimination of Ama.


Soft enema with calming and nourishing effect. It dilutes Ama.


Royal treatment with pouring herbal oil on the whole body for relaxation and removal of Vata Dosha.


Heat treatment with special rice (Sathi) for energizing of body and pacifying Vata.


Heat treatment with herbal leafs for pacifying Vata.


Treatment with herbal oil on the area of the heart. Suitable to pacify Pitta and Vata, and for heart protection.


Treatment with herbal oil on the lower back (Sacrum area) for pacifying Vata.


Treatment for eyes, Specifically in eye infections and people with eye dryness which is generally due to the increased time spent on computers, screens etc.